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IT Consulting


The ever changing technology environment forces companies and organizations to keep up, so as to not become obsolete. Soliddop with a team of expert IT executives and experience in consulting services can provide your company with the optimum solutions to fit your needs and address your problems. The implementation of customized technology and strategic business planning solutions, will help create, maintain and forward your business. IT consulting services include:


  • Strategic IT planning: alignment of IT with operational strategy, risk assessment and evaluation of current IT used followed by recommendations for enhancement, design of an IT project “portfolio”
  • Evaluation and needs assessment in order to select appropriate technology tools
  • Development of complete end-to-end custom application design & development

System Integration


System integration is important to a company or a business because it allows the already existing software to use other third party applications, according to specific needs ie third party vendor tools, without having to redesign the entire software tool. The seamless integration of many subcomponents to the main software can save time and money for a company, and needs to be performed by IT experts that can ensure the efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple applications. Soliddop system integration services include: planning and assessment, implementation, integration and customization of third party software tools.

Websites – Content & Design


Soliddop will help your company/ business or organization have the best digital representation. Our web designers, specialized graphics department and copywriting department can conceptualize, design, create and deliver a website that is fully customized to your needs and corporate visual identity. Our websites are based on UX (user experience) by implementing Usability Studies to ensure that they are fully functional and user friendly. Content is categorized with the most advanced web architecture methods in order to ensure that the visitor has quick and easy access to the information requested.

E-shop Design & Development


Electronic commerce is the new big thing, whether your business is offering products or services. Through an e-shop your company can reach a broader perspective client base than with the physical store. Soliddop experts can help you create the e-shop that is best suited to your identity, products and target audience, help optimize the clients journey from check-in to purchase. Our e-shop services include:

  • Design and creation of e-shop
  • Arrangement for domain name registration and web hosting services
  • SEO- search engine optimization (content is configured in a way to increase visibility during searches)
  • Customizable modules that serve each client’s needs

Web & Mobile Apps


Soliddop team of web developers collaborate with your company to create web applications fully adaptable and customizable, based on your needs and wants. Our experts work with Flash and HTML5, to bring the best visual experience and the latest programming language to your applications. Mobile applications (native applications) are also designed and created by our team.

Digital Strategy


Soliddop with its team of highly efficient experts collaborate with your company to produce a digital strategy that will fit your needs. For us, one size fits all isn’t acceptable. Each company/ business has many different variables that make it unique, and its digital strategy should be a reflection of that. Our digital strategy consulting services offer:


  • Integrated communication strategy
  • SEO consulting
  • UX (user experience) consulting
  • Design and implementation of interactive activities

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing offers your company or product the opportunity to reach potential clients on the internet using all digital media available. This maximizes the marketing effect in comparison to traditional marketing tactics. At Soliddop we offer the following services:


  • Google Adwords (paid search)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Web, Mobile & Social Media campaigns
  • Display advertising

Social Media


Soliddop designs, develops, implements and monitors Social Media Applications and Campaigns, using the appropriate KPIs to measure their success. Our digital department ensures that digital marketing and social media produce the optimum results for our clients.